Introducing...The Cottonwood Club!

What an exciting morning with Carrie Jennings and Peter Hark!  With some help from a few early birds at the local coffeeshop, we loaded twelve rows of beautiful historic theater seats into the back of a Menard's pick-up and drove them out to Carrie's barn.  The seats are a relic from the old Northfield Middle School (formerly the High School, now the Carleton College Weitz Center) and date back to an era when genuine wood veneer, hand-carved scrolls on every armrest and beautifully detailed (and heavy!!) iron work were the norm.  Don't miss the opportunity to try out these lovely new additions to the Jennings / Mahler barn - now dubbed "The Cottonwood Club" -  where they will debut as part of the Ile du Berceau Barn Concert and Jam Session on July 25th (8-11 p.m.)   BYOB and a few friends, we'll have a grand ole time!  ($5 suggested donation.)

Carrie and Peter celebrate the fruits of a Saturday morning's labor.