In addition to being the name of our band, Ile du Berceau or "Cradle Island" is best known as the enchanting location in Samois-sur-Seine, France that hosts the annual Django Reinhardt Music Festival.  It's a place where musicians and music appreciators come together from across the globe to celebrate Reinhardt's unique contributions to music, while also showcasing modern sounds that reflect the ever-evolving world of jazz.  In this unique and idyllic setting, people from all walks of life come together to play music and bask in the sights and sounds of life in the making - such is the music and the spirit of our own "Ile du Berceau." 





Plans are in the works for another set of four open jam sessions - each led by a professional gypsy jazz musician.  

These seats are a relic from the old Northfield Middle School (formerly the High School) and date back to an era when genuine wood veneer, hand-carved scrolls on every armrest and beautifully detailed (and heavy!!) iron work were the norm.  

Sam and Martha team up with a rotating cast of characters for a mid-summer Minnesota mini tour.  Hope to see you in July!

Join us for the return of Northfield's Gypsy Jazz Jam Series!